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Skilled Digital Specialist with combined computer science & post-production experience.


UCLA Extension
UCLA Extension, 2020


Coding Bootcamp: Full-Stack Software Engineering.
Berklee College of Music
Berklee College of Music, 2001

Bachelor of Arts

Film Scoring: Composition, Orchestration, Conducting.
American School of Modern Music
American School of Modern Music, 1997

Bachelor of Arts

Jazz Studies: Composition, Arrangement, Piano.


Soundtrack Specialist
Soundtrack Specialist, 2001-2020

Project Manager, Digital Delivery

Digital Assets, Editing, Composition, Mixing.
Insight RX
Insight RX, 2020


HERO Event Registration: UI Designer & Calendar Component Creator.
Honda Automobiles
Honda Automobiles, 2020


Zip Code Locator UI Designer
Karlin Asset Management
Karlin Asset Management, 2014-2019

Project Manager

CMS Web Sites, SEO, Post-Production.
Calmwater Capital
Calmwater Capital, 2017-2019

Web Architect

Site Architecture, CMS, SEO.


Michelson Medical Research Foundation
Michelson Medical Research Foundation

Project Manager

CMS, SEO, Videography, Post-Production.
Michelson Patents
Michelson Patents

Project Manager

CMS, SEO, Videography, Post-Production.
Gary Michelson Philanthropy
Gary Michelson Philanthropy

Project Manager

CMS, SEO, Videography, Post-Production.

Creative & Technical

I marry a deep creative sense with strong technological skills.


Structure, format (HTML5), web design (CSS) and programming logic (JS).


CMS (Wordpress), SEO (Yoast) and database management (mySQL, MongoDB).

React, Handlebars, ANT

React, Handlebars, ANT, PUG.


Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects.


Media Composer, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, (...).

Project Manager

Years working in the corporate sector have made me expert at managing resources, delivering on time and on budget.
Web Design & Development

Password Generator

Javascript powered password generator with a Lebowski touch! Coded in vanilla JS, this password generator allows for a 8-128 characters password made of uppercases, lowercases, numbers, symbols and special characters. For each chosen parameter, a quote from the movie "The Big Lebowski" will appear.
project detail
Web Design & Development

Kevin Flynn
Javascript Quizz

Javascript powered 'Multiple Choices Question' Quizz about Javascript fundamentals. Features 20 questions x 4 choices = 80 choices to pick from, a 5 minutes time limit, bonus and penalty points, on/off high score table featuring player names, points. High score table can be cleared at any moment.
project detail
Web Design & Development

1980s Pastel Colors
Daily Scheduler

Lightweight Scheduler featuring stylish 1980s Pastel Coloring. Scalable, Interactive real time color scheme. Multiple Events can be stored, edited in memory.
project detail
Web Design & Development

New France
Weather Dashboard

Stylish 1980s Pastel Coloring Lightweight Scheduler App built on Skeleton CSS, Moment JS and Jquery. Real time color scheme, scalable, includes media queries, allows for a single event to be scheduled / edited / stored for each business hour of the day.
project detail
Web Design & Development

Honda Automobiles
User Interface

Server-side API component that displays Honda service centers within a zip code radius. Recreated Honda's web site look & feel from scratch for component inclusion.
project detail
Command Line Interface (Node.js)

CLI Read Me Markdown Generator

Javascript powered Command-line application that dynamically generates a professional README markdown. Powered by Node.js. Executes in Terminal.
project detail
Command Line Interface (Node.js)

CLI Team Page Generator

HTML Team Page Generator executed via a node command line application (CLI) in Terminal. Outputs a professional looking HTML file including managers, engineers, interns details.
project detail
React / CSS

Insight RX HERO UI / Calendar

React application that creates, saves and allows modifications of event type definitions, event types, events. Created the UI of the whole application and coded a calendar component that filters through all events stored in JSON format.
project detail
  • 01. Lebowski Password Generator
  • 02. Kevin Flynn JavaScript Quizz
  • 03. 1980s Pastel Colors Daily Scheduler
  • 04. New France Weather Dashboard
  • 05. Honda Automobiles UI
  • 06. CLI Read Me Markdown Generator
  • 07. CLI Team Page Generator
  • 08. Insight RX HERO UI / Calendar

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